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Filing bankruptcy may sound like a scary thing, but in reality, it helps quite a few people find financial freedom every day. There are plenty of reasons for people to file for bankruptcy, and more people qualify than you might expect. In today’s post here at Sanchez Garrison & Associates, LLP in Baltimore, we talk a little bit about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and how it can help you.

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Stop Creditors from Harassing You

To start off, one substantial benefit of filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is the protection you get from your lenders. When you owe creditors money, they constantly berate you with phone calls and emails trying to collect their debts. Once you file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, your lenders are legally no longer allowed to harass you while trying to collect payment. This may sound like a small thing, but for some, it means everything. Not having to constantly field phone calls and fend of collectors gives you the breathing room you need to regroup and focus on your next steps.

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Avoid Foreclosure

Another good reason you might consider filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is to stop foreclosure proceedings on your home. If your financial situation has gotten to the point where the bank is trying to foreclose on your home, filing bankruptcy can help. Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy helps you restructure and reorganize your debt. This means that your debts are consolidated and you are only required to pay one reasonable monthly payment every month for a determined amount of time. During the process, though, your home cannot be foreclosed on.

Get Rid of Your Debt

The main reason that people file bankruptcy is to get out from underneath their debt. Essentially with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you make an agreement with the courts to pay back your debts over a three to five year period. Payments are generally very reasonable and after your payment-period is done, most if not all of your debts can be gone. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is not a difficult process when you work with a professional bankruptcy lawyer and the fresh start it can give you is invaluable.

Keep Your Belongings

With some other types of bankruptcy, you may be required to sell some of your possessions in order to pay back your debts. However, with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, this is not the case. Many if not all of your assets are safely protected when you file bankruptcy of this type so long as you continue to make all of your agreed-upon payments. No need to worry about selling off your possessions to repay harassing lenders.

Protect Your Cosigners

With some types of bankruptcy, cosigners are not protected. But, with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy they are. You can rest assured that when you file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, your cosigners will remain unaffected.


For most people, the benefits of filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy greatly outweigh any cons. There is no need to continue to struggle with financial hardship. Contact us at Sanchez Garrison & Associates, LLP in Baltimore. More people qualify for filing bankruptcy than you may expect, and we’re happy to help guide you through the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy process every step of the way. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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