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According to, the average household with a credit card in the U.S. has, on average, $8,284 worth of credit card debt. The total debt overall carried by the U.S. is more than $13.5 trillion. It’s clear that, as a country, we have a pretty serious spending problem, but what can we do to combat credit card debt? When debt is a cultural and social norm, it can be tough to fight your way out. In today’s blog here at Sanchez Garrison & Associates, LLP in Baltimore, we talk about five tips that can help you reduce or even eliminate your credit card debt.

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Focus on Paying Off The Highest Interest Card

One of the first things we recommend trying to reduce your credit card debt is to focus your efforts on your card with the highest interest. Chances are, if you are in credit card debt, you have multiple credit cards. As part of your plan of attack, determine which of your cards has the highest interest rate. Once you’ve figured out which card has the steepest interest, focus all of your payoff efforts on that card. This is the smart approach because even if you have more debt on another card that has lower interest, you may end up paying more for the card with less debt but higher interest.

Request Lower Interest Rates

Not everyone knows that interest rates aren’t always set in stone. In some cases, you can reach out to credit card companies and negotiate a lower interest rate. They may take into account your credit score, your repayment history, or other factors to calculate your new interest rate. There is a chance that they may decline to change your rate, but it is still worth a phone call. Even if you can get your interest rate lowered by 1%, that can help dramatically. For example, if your interest goes from 15% to 14% on a debt of $10,000, your interest payment would be reduced by $100 instantly. It may not seem like much, but lowering your credit card interest payments really adds up as you are trying to pay off your debts.

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Creating a budget and sticking to it is one of the most effective methods for paying down credit card debt. When you do this, there are no variables. You know exactly how much money you have coming in, how much of that needs to be spent on expenses, and how much you’ll have leftover to pay down debt. Budgeting takes any guesswork out and helps you reduce your debt with the power of concrete mathematics.

Be Careful About Closing Cards

On a side note, your first instinct may be to cut up your credit card and close down your account. What you should know though is that closing credit cards can negatively impact your credit. This means you should choose wisely which cards you do and don’t need and make your decisions accordingly.


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